Neo Metaliks Limited (NML) laid its cornerstone in the year 2003 and within the next couple of years itself, it had brought to fruition the first phase of its integrated steel plant. Today, it is a leading producer of Pig Iron of extremely high quality committed to satiate consumer requirements with only the finest products.

Even after years of successful operations, NML prides its stand as being a centre for learning and innovation. Keeping pace with the global movements in science and technology, NML consistently upgrade its skills as an organization and instil the same within its employees. This not only keeps it strong in the race but fuels that inherent hunger to always emerge at the top. Hence priceless accreditations like ISO 9001 : 2015 come more as a pat on the back and a reason to hone NML’s skills further.

From humble beginnings to a steady rise to the top – NML’s success story has two protagonists. NML believes in doing its work with the utmost sincerity and following it up with speedy executions. Since 2003, NML have grown leaps and bounds. The remarkable initial phase success is in its second lap.

It is beyond debate that the Pig iron manufactured by NML is of very high quality standards. It produces premium quality grades of Pig Iron with low sulphur and phosphorus content through the use of superior iron ore and low ash coke suitable for the manufacturing of foundry grade/ductile grades of castings. Owing to the use of the finest elements and a cultivated determination to silence all retractors, NML has ascended to become the leading supplier of such Pig Iron grades in eastern India primarily, with its footprints in Northern India. Moving beyond foundry belts in India, NML is lucratively catering to neighbouring countries as well.

There are lists of numbers that will speak in NML’s favour, Accreditations that will amplify NML’s position, Business reports to quantify its past performances. But what NML earnestly hope to reach out to you is its sincerity to build an organization that will equally benefit each and every soul linked to all it’s stakeholders. Thus the stones that have and will continue to pave the way to NML’s success are:

Continuous learning and development
Transparent dealing with every stakeholder
Upholding social responsibility
Envisioning International Standards
Uncompromising quality deliverance